We are more than happy to accept queries and proposals for future works.

Please read the following in order to help speed up the process.


The best place to get an idea of the types of stories we aim to publish is to look at our published work (you might see that we are not looking for doom and gloom scenarios!).

Our stories are filled with hope, promise, and positive ways forward. Solutions in action. Heart-felt considerations.

Check out our about page too for further ideas.


Stories should have a strong narrative running through them. People get drawn into stories about people, and we find having a strong narrative helps to make these kinds of pieces more powerful.

We are looking for clear, compelling writing - if it can be said in 5 words, or 15, go for 5.

Stories should draw heavily from the words and experiences of the people involved. Again, we want to push the narrative forward.

Don’t forget the golden rule of literature: show, don’t tell.

Most pieces are between 1000-2000 words. We are open to negotiating longer pieces if the topic justifies it, and the writing remains strong.

Submit stories electronically here.


We do indeed pay our contributors. We are not the highest paid platform out there, but we are competitive.

We have two sets of rates; one for professional writers who need minimal editing and guidance, and another for writers who need a longer editorial process.

Contact us for more detail.


We are happy to accept queries and proposals regarding submissions. Submitting a query, proposal or submitting an article is not a guarantee of publication or of payment. Payment is made on successful publication of work and having gone through our rigorous editorial process.

Please submit enquiries and proposals here.